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We tailor cutting edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) to your business

OCR Making computers read For the extraction of text from PDF and Image files, we use Optical Character Recognition.
Classification Document Classification Using Machine Learning we categorize documents or sections of the document based on it’s content.
Image Recognition Understanding Document Structures Understanding the layout of a document is essential for understanding its content. Using Convolutional Neural Networks we identify multiple structures in documents.
NER Understanding Words We are able to extract meaning out of words through deep neural networks which take context into account.


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Text anonymization


Redactify is a software that generates an anonymized version of a document.


With the help of artificial intelligence, our algorithms identify words as people, places, businesses, or similar entities. This enables us to automatically recognise personal information in a document and redact it. The redaction is secure, so that the anonymised words cannot be restored.


Finding personal information in an unstructured text is a very long and tedious process if done manually. With Redactify this process is done in a matter of seconds.

Knowledge Extraction
Full Document Processing


As part of the project, we extracted relevant content from contracts and transferred it to a database.


By combining various AI methods, domain expertise and Natural Language Processing, we were able to extract content from the contracts and store it in a structured form.


The advantage for our customers is that the contents of the contracts can now be accessed more easily and quickly. Due to our standardization our customer can compare their contracts and gain insights across their portfolio.

Anonymizer AU
Form field redaction


Anonymizer AU consistently redacts sections of documents.


Using state-of-the-art object detection we identified text boxes on forms. We then anonymize content of the boxes by blurring the image in that section while keeping the rest of the document intact.


One of the biggest assets of big corporations has become their data. But in order to harness this potential without privacy issues companies need to reliably remove personal & sensitive information from them.

Input Management
Document classification


In this project we build an intelligent input management which classified inbox documents and organized  them into target folders.


By combining object detection and text classification we were able to build a system that categorizes the documents correctly for further processing.


The use of our software relieved employees of the problem of tedious and time consuming manual sorting of their inbox.

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